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Search Engine Optimization

Free Traffic is More than Just a Perk

Having the most beautiful website in the world is pointless unless you get traffic on it. If nobody sees your website, no one will convert or become your customer.

Statistics reveal that websites ranking on the first page of Google get 92% of the total traffic while those ranking on the second page get a measly 6% of the traffic. And if your website ranks anywhere below the second page, you can safely say goodbye to organic traffic.

But it’s not just about getting traffic either. So it would help if you got relevant and high-intent traffic searching for your products/services.

That’s what we do at Thriveark. We rank you for high-quality and most relevant keywords and help you get tremendous, but most importantly, relevant traffic.

Our work enables you to get juicy organic traffic that will then be converted into paying customers.

And the best part is that you don’t have to actively pay for any traffic or acquire customers. So that’s the beauty of SEO, and that’s why you desperately need it.

Our Process

Our 3-Step Game-Changing SEO Process

SEO Audit

We work closely with your business and analyze your target audience and current website. Using our years of experience, we put together a winning strategy in place specific to your niche.


Using our white hat on-page and off-page SEO techniques, we create a strategy that helps you rank higher than your competitors on SERP in no time.

Keyword Research

We curate a list of the most relevant and high-value keywords by performing SEO analysis. We then help you rank for these keywords on search results and start getting more sales.

Plan, Launch, Grow

Incredible Benefits of Our SEO Services

More organic traffic to your website using our white-hat SEO techniques.

More leads and conversions owing to the most relevant and high-intent traffic going to your website.

We optimize your website for all platforms, specifically mobile devices.

We also focus on your Google local search results to rank you higher in local listings.

Start ranking higher than your competitors on search results and increase your revenues.

On-Page SEO Packages

What do I get with this service?

Is your website optimized for the keywords you are trying to rank? We will examine and rectify all your key On-Page SEO Optimisation areas.








Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our On-Page SEO Services.

You will get a document listing all of the on-page SEO suggestions for the number of pages you have wanted us to look at. We send this to your for approval, and when you approve them we will implement the suggestions.

This Service is only for On-Page SEO changes. Keyword research is a separate service by you or us. Keyword research is for determining what keywords we optimize each page for.

We will provide optimized suggestions for your On-Page SEO. We prefer that you make these changes so we do not interfere with your website. But, we will apply them ourselves if you need us to do so – after you agree to our suggestions.

For our Off-Page SEO and  Link-Building Services, please reach out, and let’s discuss a custom gig!

Our work can be implemented on any website and CMS platform. However, if you want us to integrate the work into your website, we do so only on WordPress websites.

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